Our Equipment

We recognize that different people have different tastes in training, therefore our facility offers a huge variety of tools and equipment to accommodate these different needs. Some of the noteworthy equipment in our facility includes:


-   Multiple power racks with band attachments.

-   Multiple IPF specification bench presses with band attachments.

-   Dumbbells ranging from 5lbs to 120lbs.

-   Deadlift platforms equipped with band attachments.


-   Many accessory related and isometric isolation machines.


-   Many cable machines for multiple uses.

-   Multiple Powerlifting Competition bars.

-   Men's and Ladies Olympic Weightlifting bars.

-   Rogue Texas Deadlift bar.

-   Calibrated Powerlifting plates.

-   Regular steel weight plate as well for those unfamiliar with competition.

-   Multiple IPF specification and Eleiko competition Combo Racks to get you ready for the platform.

-   Belt squat machine.


-   Glute / Hamstring developer.

-   Reverse Hyper.

-   Bumper plates for Olympic lifters and other uses.

-   Jerk blocks.

-   Resistance bands and other accessories

-   Treadmills.

-   Cable crossover machine.

      And so much more... come visit us to see it all! 

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